Industry Interaction

Centre of Excellence for Red Hat Linux


Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the industry-leading Linux that provides the foundation for next-generation architectures, with support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications. When you develop on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it means your apps are developed on the same platform that they’ll be tested and deployed on – making it easier than ever for both traditional and agile development teams.

As a developer, you’ll have the same stable and trusted platform that IT has adopted, plus the extra agility to utilize the latest tools and technologies that you and your enterprise needs for application development.

Course Overview:

  • Basics of Linux and its commands
  • Monitoring and Managing Linux process
  • Controlling Linux file system permission
  • Configuring and securing Open SSH service
  • Analyzing and Storing logs

Course Outcome:

  • To learn to develop software for Linux
  • To learn important Linux library function and system call
  • To know working environment of Linux and become a certified Rat Hat Administrator

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