Books Published

SNoYearAuthor NamesTitlePublisherISBN Number
12017Dr. B.SreedeviInternet programmingSahara Publications978-93-86636-15-7
22017Ms.D.RajalakshmiAn Efficient Selfishness Control Mechanism for Mobile Ad hoc NetworksCBA Publisher  978-93-80430-50-8
32018Ms .P.Suganthi Ms.G.VinithraDatabase Management SystemsCBA Publisher  978-93-804302-9-4
42019Dr.R.UdendhranIntegrating IoT and Machine Learning – The Driving Force of Industry 4.0Springer, Cham978-3-030-32530-5
52020Dr.R.UdendhranThe Pivotal Role of Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Computing in HealthcareEAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing. Springer, Cham.978-3-030-35280-6
62020Dr.R.UdendhranInternet of Things Based Solutions and Applications for Urban Planning and Smart City TransportationSpringer International Publishing978-3-030-35280-6
72021Dr. K C Suresh Ms. P.Ashok A Machine Learning Approach for Providing Location Aware Services in Mobile Ad hoc Networks ” Immortal Publication , 2021978-93-5437-721-1
82022Dr.S.VidyaHybrid approaches for wind speed forecasting in IndiaLAP Lambert publishers, Germany978-620-4-73737-9
SNoAuthor NamesTitlePublisher/ISBN Number
1Ms.D.RajalakshmiGrid and Cloud ComputingCBA Publisher / 978-93-80430-50-8
2B.SreedeviInternet programmingSahara Publications
3P.Suganthi & G.VinithraDBMSChennai Publications