Project Innovation Centre

“Innovation is born out of the cultural excellence. This excellence is a process when an individual or a nation contrives to fulfill the dream with calculated risks..,” APJ Abdul Kalam

Shri Leo Muthu Innovation Centre -COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING was created on 25th May 2018, Inaugurated by our honorable Chairman & CEO Shri Sai Prakash Leo Muthu.

The Centre aims to promote innovations, improve youth participation in National and International development and improve access to education and knowledge in all strata of the society. This innovation center facilitates student’s research into new areas while offering them unique opportunity to explore interdisciplinary studies that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional programs.


  • Innovative Idea presentation.
  • Special lectures on Innovation & Creativity.
  • Periodic activities & Competitions to keep the enthusiasm alive.
  • Periodic interactions of the students with mentors.
  • Workshops which will encourage students to think & act on their ideas.

Shri Leo Muthu Innovation Centre Coordinator:

  • Mr. G.Ilamurugan / AP-CSE

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